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07-18-2013, 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by revlot View Post
The standard roster size is 100 duty officers, but this can be increased up to a total of 400 through C-Store purchase options consisting of 25 more slots for 225 Zen or 100 more slots for 725 Zen.
Yes, I know... and that is not what I was talking about.

We have the option of increasing our DOFF crew size up to 400... I have used some of those to get one of my characters up to 300 so far.

What I was meaning, was, we currently can only put 5 DOFFs on active duty for space bonuses, and 5 on active duty for ground bonuses.

Since those only add 1 more, active duty slots, it sounded like they added to those limits, so if I bought all three, that increased my limit for active duty service, from 5 to 8.

From the description, it didn't sound like it added duty officer assignment slots (increasing from 20 to 23 for all three), as it said "active duty" officers.

Anyways, I'll be grabbing one of them shortly, and I'll post if I was correct on that or not.

-- Smoov

edit: confirmed... it adds +1 to the number of In Progress duty officer assignments you have, so they should really rename those items to more accurately reflect exactly what it does.