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07-18-2013, 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by tonyalmeida2 View Post
Tholian proc is lol. Funny how our phaser proc doesn't even compare and they're supposed to do the same thing.
I totally agree.

However, this thread's OP is evidence of what would most likely flood the forums if our buffs, debuffs, abilities and procs did the same stuff. Nothing should be OP and nothing should UP, but since we all seem to be quite happy to have '5 minute cure' builds, the only chance the NPC's have is to be buffed to the eyeballs. I think sometimes there is a serious lack of objectivity about a great many elements from a large number of the players of this game, and I am not excluded.

*Disclaimer - this is not a gripe against 5 minute cure builds. The state of the game is the state of the game.*