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07-18-2013, 07:49 PM
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Hello all,

Came back to the game with Romulan Expansion and really enjoy it. This time I invited some friends to the game which gave it a try for the first time and like it, they recently levelled to Vice admiral on their Fed character.

Now the question is, what has changed at this point? Do they get a 5th Ship once levelled? Is there something they missing? Because they do not seem to have access to any 5th ship at the shipyard.

I remember my first char had a Token for the 5th ship, and my new Romulan Char got one too.

Has anything changed on the Fed Side?

Or is there a quest they have to do? From what they say they spoke to admiral Quin got some respec token, one uniform token and experience.

you get the free tier 5 ship at level 5 just like with romulans and KDF alongside the uniform token