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07-18-2013, 10:20 PM
1) Borg Spheres now have Emergency Power to Engines with a buff to get out of holds basically, to effectively snare Spheres takes two Gravity Wells in close proximity unfortunately. This is a fairly recent change, so if you're reading older threads Gravity Well was awesome at grouping up Spheres, etc.

2) Mobs run 50 to all subsystems. No diminishing returns on NPC targets, and they will shut down basically if you can get and keep the drain up high enough to take 50 power from that subsystem.

3) It's iffy to bother with it.

4) Don't have Weaver, so no idea

5) I usually don't go beyond two of Mk XI blue and one shield regen one.

6) Not really, your Aux goes down to 5 for quite some time, so it's very iffy on a Sci boat with you almost having to use Emergency Power to Auxiliary each time after you fire it off. It does help with the other subsystems quite a bit, but there are other ways to get that power.