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Originally Posted by johnny1051 View Post
What I love is having a scimitar player initiate the thaleron while Donatra does the same, and everyone else on team trying to figure out which green beams to EM away from. Queue "Yakety Sax" lol

I am envisioning the player in the Scimitar, wholly confident in the ability's strength, charging theirs first by dint of predicting her position. Probably typing something akin to 'DONATRA! This is it, my FINAL ATTACK! Have some of your own medicine! And taste the wrath of the Romulan Republic!' or something dramatic like that.

Does about a piddly amount of damage to her forward shield only. Maybe softens it a tic...

Utter silence. Then Donatra's reply of her own thalaron burst utterly vapes the fellow before they can mutter a very Data-like 'Ohhh shhh~'

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