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07-18-2013, 11:23 PM
1) GW is pretty craptastic. It takes a few moments to pull any ships in and even then only if they are not using anything that would help them escape. What you NEED is a Gravimetric DOFF, Preferably a High Rarity one, that will allow you to spawn multiple GW's. Those will actually suck targets in and hold them. Not sure why the secondary ones are so much more powerful but they are.

2) Generally mobs run with somewhat weak power levels. All things Stack but due to the massive effect of Power Insulators you will NEED to stack them a lot to bring a system to 0 in many cases. Polaron Procs are some of the best. Tyken's with a Gravimetric DOFF to spawn multiple TR's (yes they do that too) will really suck enemies dry fast at high Aux. Plasmonic Leech will be a big help as would the Honorguard (or Adapted MACO for FED) Deflector. You should also grab the Aeceton Assimiltor if you are a KDF Captain as its extra drain is great and is otherwise very useful.

3) No... It is pretty much a waste of a Science Skill.

4) Cannot comment on this one.

5) Definitely ignore Graviton Generators... They do too little to be concerned with. Particle Generators however are very useful. With those you can make your Tractor Repulsers deadly. Remember you can even use them against structures very effectively as those have no shields and take massive kinetic damage from TBR. Also invest heavily into Flow Capacitors to increase your power drain capabilities.

6) If you use it with the right DOFF you can drastically reduce the cooldown of all your other abilities which is nice. That combined with the ability to power up your other systems could be rather handy indeed. Just be careful that you are not out of Aux when you need it. BTW: It is a great idea to have LOW Aux before using TBR so that they deal maximum damage but do not push the target out of range too fast.