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So you're saying you should get XP points to put into your combat abilities, even if you don't practice your combat abilities?
You don't just spend on combat. Impulse engines, deflectors, uniforms etc. are all useful for non-combat actions.

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There are ways to progress in the game without killing.
Small bits, but if you want to get through the storyline you have no option but to defeat enemy group A & B before talking to the contact. There is no option to even try diplomacy are rarely to sneak around them. And who wants to play only doff missions?

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The fact is, you CAN avoid combat. Is it faster to just kill someone else and take their stuff? Duh, that's obvious. Will you feel more fulfilled for reaching Vice Admiral by scanning anomalies and meeting new races? That's determined on an individual basis.

The game does provide for both methods of play. You cant really complain that the developers aren't forcing the players to choose which path to take, because that wouldn't be much of a game.
Again, all those things are small side areas that provide no real rewards. Just take once glance at how other games do it and how it is possible to do it a different way. Yes for many it is not seen as important because they like blowing things up, but I think as something that calls itself Trek to have that option.

I think someone earlier mentioned this was an emphasis on TNG and Kirk would punch them. Think to the plot of the Corbomite Maneuver. That was a great episode where, as traditionally as always, Kirk bluffed his way out without needing to fire a shot and then made peace. He did not defeat 5 groups of increasingly powerful First Federation ships. Likewise, the Ultimate Computer, The Squire of Gothos, Devil in the Dark, Tholians Web, The Enterprise Incident, The Changeling, Spectre of the Gun all involved threatening aliens capable of destroying them and not a single one was defeated by firing phasers at them (though granted Squire of Gothos involved shooting a mirror). They were defeated through intelligence, compassion, cunning and bluffing.

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