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07-19-2013, 01:55 AM
To be honest Star Trek and MMO's don't really fit. MMO's are primarily combat focused. Star Trek is far from combat oriented..and when the series (DS9) took on a combat focus (war) many fans felt that it went against the core of Star Trek.
Should their be missions where you never fire a weapon? Probably. However I'd think those missions would be boring as hell.
The Corbomite Maneuver is a cool episode but as an episode in an MMO it would involve the player clicking dialogue decisions. That doesn't sound like fun to me.
Which would sound like a better episode in the game:
An Episode based on Star Trek The Motion Picture or
An Episode based on Undiscovered Country???

Now I am not saying the story lines aren't due for an upgrade. Hell this game could add a few things to give it more of a Trek feel.
1) Have a mission take place on our ships? Nothing is more personal than someone trying to take over our ships
2) Make use of some of these planets. Wouldn't it be cool if I create a Vulcan captain and every time I set foot on Vulcan a specialized mission occurs?