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Originally Posted by jsck82 View Post
Regarding XP: Yes, it is an abbreviation, for "Experience Points". However, as noted in a few places, we get no experience for avoiding combat, meaning that our character has learned nothing from a diplomatic solution.

This goes back to "a rose by any other name...". You can claim it to be experience gained in combat, or whatever other name you want to, but here is the simpest way to view it.

1. Experience is necessary to rank/grade up, IE, to level.
2. Experience is NOT given for non-combat options.
3. Experience *IS* given for killing (I have yet to see a target stunned in an actual combat) an opponent.

What this means is that the only way to be rewarded with a promotion for hard work is to kill everything that isn't Federation in sight. That makes experience a reward for killing.

Regarding loot: Let's examine how we can acquire new, improved items.
1: Mission completion. Usually heavily based upon killing things.
2: Drop from combat. Requires that a player kill an enemy.
3: STF/Que reward. Requires that a player kill things.
4: Dilithium store. Requires dilithium, earned from missions revolving around killing things.
5: Exchange: Requires that someone else killed things to get the loot, and you killed things to get the EC to buy it.

So, if I want to refit my ship with improved weapons, say from photons to quantums, I must first go off and kill things, to make money, or dilithium, or to find them. Then I can install them.

Again... the entire reward system is based around killing. Offhand, I can't actually think of a single mission where there is no combat. Granted, in some the player or players are the defenders, rather than the aggressors, but the principle remains the same.

I would like to see some mechanics in place, and they wouldn't be hard for the devs to do, where a mission can have variable "mini-outcomes", based upon player standing, choices, etc, where you could, easily, if you choose, go through the entire mission without combat, and still be rewarded just as well as if you killed everything in sight.
I have to disagree, I don't shoot anyone by answering a lore question, or aiding a planet, or scanning consoles or some strange plant, nor does my Doffs do any killing and all that gives XP/expertise and I can make EC or dilitium off them all.