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07-19-2013, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by poeddude View Post
Normally I'd go with Adapted Maco shield and engine with Maco Deflector.

However this ship is going to have really high defence and as the minimum possible chance for a ship to be hit is 25% (game mechanic) the accuracy penalty proc from the Adapted Maco shield is going to go to waste. So I'll most likely use the Maco shield for the power proc, 2 piece bonus, and the fact its resilient (ship only has 27k hull base, about 1/3 less than im used to).

This is only because I intend to stop using torpedoes. Opens up a lot of options when you don't care about the sweet 2 piece set bonus from Adapted Maco.

Might even use fleet gear. Not sure it is better than various set pieces though.
Drop the Maco shield and get an Elite Resilient, and then you can use plasmonic.
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