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I am envisioning the player in the Scimitar, wholly confident in the ability's strength, charging theirs first by dint of predicting her position. Probably typing something akin to 'DONATRA! This is it, my FINAL ATTACK! Have some of your own medicine! And taste the wrath of the Romulan Republic!' or something dramatic like that.

Does about a piddly amount of damage to her forward shield only. Maybe softens it a tic...

Utter silence. Then Donatra's reply of her own thalaron burst utterly vapes the fellow before they can mutter a very Data-like 'Ohhh shhh~'
Heh - actually had something similar happen a few days back in ISE.

I was in my Vesta with my (primary) sci character. A rather badly set up and bothersome (as needing fairly frequent heals) Scimitar was buzzing about. It wasn't doing terrible DPS but it definitely wasn't doing what I've seen others do.

Anyway - to cut to the chase - we took the gate down and started on the tac cube. Bothersome Scimitar charges Thalaron pulse, and when it fires..... it weakens the tac cube's shields a little, but not much else.

So myself and a player in a Ha'feh concentrate on the weakened shield and take it down - I activate every buff I have and fire my Quantum focus phaser at the unshielded side of the cube. I watch in delight as said weapon does what the bothersome Scimitar's could not, and the cube's health starts dropping FAST. Ha'feh launches a bunch of plasma torpedoes whilst I was doing this - I followed suite with HYIII Quantum torpedoes, and all torpedoes hit, just as the quantum phaser times out, and the cube went boom. Taking Bothersome Scimitar with it.

So Quantum Focus phaser > Thalaron pulse for THAT mission at least!
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Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.