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07-19-2013, 08:03 AM
I agree that the main game story and endgame content is too militaristic for Federation philosophy. If you really wanted to role play it out, there are ways around this. People routinely level up alts by doing nothing but Doff assignments, so you could do that. Even stay away from the Military and Espionage tracks if you want to take it that far. You could spend your in game time running Diplomacy missions in the star clusters, or doing non-combat oriented Foundry content. Granted, you would run out of content a lot faster than most, but it is very possible to get to level 50 with barely firing a shot. Heck, with the Doff thing I know people who dinged 50 while still sitting in their starter ship. They never bothered to get any of the Tier 1-4 ones.