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07-19-2013, 09:21 AM
All great works of art must go through transitions, especially if they remain relevant to future generations. For example, the movie adaptations of famous comic books must change to meet the challenges of the different medium of film even if that pisses off the canon-loving fans. Remakes of "classic" movies serve to refresh their place in our culture. As bad as some of them were, Star Wars I, II, and III brought that universe back into cultural prominence for a new generation. Roddenberry created the legacy, but to remain a vital and living part of culture Star Trek is going to change. To not change is to stagnate and become irrelevant.

My point is: Star Trek is changing and growing and we are part of it. I think that's awesome.

Disney, a monolithic media company, now owns Star Wars and will be making new creations with it. As STO players, I hope our decisions will have some influence on how Star Trek continues to develop in the future.

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