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07-19-2013, 09:38 AM
Your post seems a bit rambling so I doubt you're sincere...

However as a fan of Star Trek since before the first movie came out (do the math) I have enjoyed every bit of it including what has come after Roddenberry's passing.

The effort put into it is amazing and you would know that if you've read any books on the topic. Consider how some of the most popular TV shows are a few people wandering about in their living rooms. Such as I Love Lucy and Seinfeld. Contrast that with the effort needed to portray different planets? Kudo's to Star Trek creator's...all of them.

In regards to STO keep in mind a One or a Zero here or there can crash the whole thing out of literally billions of bits of data. I don't envy that job.

Regarding Branflakes as someone who as grouped with him in-game I'm pretty sure it's an actual single person. Hopefully it is several different people using the account because I wouldn't want to be that single person.