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IF Roddenberry were alive this would be a different story. But as is the way in all things, once the Originator is dead, the Successors gut the carcass for all it is worth. Perhaps the Re-Boot will spur a younger generation to reclaim Trek and make it Proud once again. But here and now, the carcass was sold to the highest bidder and this is the result, an Imperfect Trek. Honestly, I believe that complaints fall on deaf ears. The current owners have no interest other than money, and as long as it is good enough to earn money then that is all they will provide to us, the consumers. Yes, we consume what they provide, and when we no longer consume then they will sell the bones to the highest bidder.

The ONLY way you will get Trek to be the way YOU want it to be is to raise 10 Billion dollars and BUY the franchise yourself, and then deal with everybody who complains that YOU are NOT doing TREK the way THEY think YOU should.

I understand that Old Trek is DEAD. I am grateful for having ANY Trek at all. I reticently Bought a Life Time Subscription - knowing full well that this imperfect Trek will NEVER match up to Roddenberry's Vision. Yes, I am a Consumer of the New Trek, just like you.

Although I DO get such enjoyment reading the complaints to the BranBot - an unreal entity created for public relations. I am sure that a real person types the messages, but do not believe for a single second that it is the SAME person who always uses the persona to convey information to the user base.

Spoiled Children, you should be happy with what you get and stop demanding 'Perfection'. We are WAY past that now...
Um, you need to READ more about the ACTUAL Gene Roddenberry - and not the fantasy version y9ou have in your mind because were GR still alive, the BIGGEST question on his lips regarding ANY Star Trek merchandise or licensing would be:

"What's my cut of the profits and where is my cut?!"
Need some proof? (link)

Excerpt from the Blog of the Director of the TOS Episode: "Is There In Truth No Beauty":

Our first day of filming, Tuesday, July 16th, arrived and I faced a mutiny on the Enterprise that I had not faced before. Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy had very strong objections to a portion of the scene we were scheduled to do that day and were refusing to film. Since the objection was to dialogue involving a piece of jewelry that Gene Roddenberry had designed, he was summoned to the set. The morning was spent in a round table with the six characters involved in the scene plus Gene and me. But the battle was strictly between Bill and Leonard vs Gene. Bill and Leonard felt Gene was using the scene as a promotional commercial for a pin he had designed. Gene denied these accusations, but the boys were adamant in their refusal to be a part of something they considered so commercially oriented. The final result of the long morning?s combat was that Gene agreed to rewrite the scene. But that took it off the schedule for that first day?s filming. The balance of the day?s schedule was four short sequences in the Enterprise corridor that totaled a page and a half. I did not want my first day?s work to be limited to a page and a half, so I suggested we do a strong three page scene between Diana Muldaur and David Frankham. Which is what we did.
Also, Star Trek (in it's many incarnations has never been 'perfect'.
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