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Originally Posted by petaluma1 View Post
What little time I've spent reading all of theses messages and your advice I've come away learning allot.

I'm a Fed Tac Officer and have flown most of all the Tac ships up to Fleet level 4 and can't wait on level 5. I'm currently flying a Dominion Dreadnought beam boat build and was wondering how you would advise in building and flying this ship.

I have a great build but I'm always willing to hear what others are doing with this ship.

Thanks for your time and advice in advance.
if i were to fly one, id proboly set it up like this


EPtS1, RSP1, EPtW3


3 damage control, 2 shield distribution doffs

id first be inclined to use a 2 AtB build, but its got too much redundant tac, and not enough of anything else for basic survivability. it still might have trouble surviving, but thats a chronic problem for this ship really. its got more tac then it needs, especially when you use only beams. on a ship like this id actually want RSP doubled up, since you would be using EPtW3 to boost damage as much as possible, and to over cap til your weapons drain is nil. beam boats are able to lay down more dps then ever, no question. but its just so easy to deal with pressure now, its hard to kill anyone with it.
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