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07-19-2013, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by vulcanmonk View Post
The game also no longer recongnizes the pause's seeing it as right control...I'm running out of keys!
Yeah I noticed that one too!

Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
The game no longer recognizes the difference between regular keys and similar numpad keys.

/ was "/" and numpad / was "divide" (numpad * is still multiply, for example)
enter was "enter" and numpad enter was "numpadenter"

Those four keys were treated as four different keys but since season 7 we've been losing key functions. Why?

[2:38] [System] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #1,882,763.

I have no idea why, and my guess is that they do not care and will never, ever fix this.

The only way around this, is to buy a fancy keyboard that allows you to remap what a key is.

So my numpad / becomes "shift+/" when pressing the numpad / and then "shift+/" gets put into my bindfile as the bind.

I'm just glad this thread exists because even the guys in my fleet sometimes give me funny looks when I tell them keys are disappearing.