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07-19-2013, 12:08 PM
The Saber replaced the Miranda.

Back during TOS the Miranda was a front line cruiser of the day similar to the galaxy/Nebula comparison.

During TNG the Miranda was reduce from long range exploration and tactical missions to more shorter range patrol/escort and science missions within the federation borders. It's role has changed over time.

The Saber was designed to do these missions but of course received better weapons and technology. I'm sure there are still some Mirandas flying around somewhere but not given the same important missions it once was.

As for the defiant it's tiny. Smaller than the Saber and smaller than Miranda. It's a powerful engine surrounded by weapons, armor and shields. Very little scientific research equipment on board. The Saber and the Nova were now more routinely assigned to these missions more and more as the Miranda class is being phased out. The Intrepid class took more long range scientific and tactical missions but by this time Galaxy's and Nebula's were filling this role. Intrepid class was to compliment the flagships without needing as many resources and crew to man. It had the same Mk X phasers the galaxy had.

Starfleet was working on the Akira, Nova, Saber, Steamrunner even before the borg threat. The Defiant, Sovereign and Promethious were direct results of the borg threat. Now the previous mentioned were constructed to modernize the fleet and were given more offensive and defensive capabilities than originally envisioned bc of the borg, dominion etc

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