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Commander: I regret to inform you sir that both the former President have indeed lied to you... *Slides the proof he needs, the information was not filed as was said.* But nonetheless your knowledge does indeed bring another problem to the situation as the law was broken it makes you an accessory as well as your sources.

The Department of Justice oversees the road of High Justice in matters such as this, since Sam Allington is no longer part of the military it makes her a civilian. Your part will be dealt within by the Admirals...

Now Captain.. I will be going. As I have a fugitive to bring in.


*The men with him open the door and leave Matt staring at the pads at a loss... *

Commander: Trust me on this if there is evidence to show that proves otherwise I will listen to it. I also will let you settle things with your wife before I resume.. But I have to ask one thing.

How sure are you that Sam is really Sam?

I can see that I am not welcome on this vessel and have overstayed my welcome. Remember what I have said sir. *He leaves.*
OOC: Sam was reactivated. She was Captain of the Republic during the Torvak Operation. She IS Military.

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