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I did a DSE in Gamma Quadrant with an Atrox (Stalkers Fighters and Delta Flyers). During the DSE, the UI would replace all fighters in a flight, instead of just filling the empty slot and end up zeroizing my ranked-up fighters in the other two filled slots. The same issue did not occur when filling empty slots for my DF pairs.

I did a recall to test the redeploy; the fighters regenerated, but none of the ranked-up fighters reappeared (had one 5-star before recall). The UI would not regenerate any DFs (neither 0-ranked or the ranked-up DFs, I had two 5-star before recall).

My ship never died nor did I change maps after recall.

This UI needs these issues fixed before going live. I may have seen maybe one or two fighters destroyed due to close proximity to warp core breaching ship, but no major losses. Overall, it is a good UI, but the flaws are significant.

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