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OOC: I didn't know you were going for a trial. Lol. But if you look, there is a way for you to keep this going. But no, no trial. There won't be time for that given what I have planned. If you want to continue the manhunt though, go ahead. It gives me an idea that'll help a future story arc with Sam.
*OOC: I do see an idea that would be a double edged chance for a potential agency *spooks kinda and the ones that have the kill you and get away with it card only answer to the council of Khitomer, given strong qualifications and strong tests on psyche.. not to mention background checks. Plus perhaps an information broker. Just a couple thoughts. Plus I am kinda splitting something major to get Sam started for the Shadow War and her arc so yeah after we deal with the upcoming threat for the time being It is going to be through Sam and Tara's perspective (not the Orion one) *

Commander: All right. No need to bite my head off sir. Like I said I don't like it either. But they won't accept your evidence due to your knowledge... But I will look into this. Thank you for your cooperation..

*OOC: What I was trying to show was is it possible that stress will trigger something in Sam?*