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07-19-2013, 07:11 PM
*As the small craft leaves and heads into warp, the Commander sits there looking over the pad and analyzing it and shows its genuine... *

Commander: Something strange is going on here... Why are they after the Captain for...

*Outside the Admiral's home the Admiral is at a party sweet talking the guests... Drinking wine.. Soon he begins choking and collapses to the floor as he chokes.. people try and call for help as in house medics try and solve the problem but fail as the Admiral had clawed his neck open trying to breath...*

Agent: Commander.. Are we going to go after Sam..

Commander: No.. I see no reason to.

Agent: I was hoping you would say that.

Commander: Huh

*Soon he is shot many times including two in the head, the vessel erupts mid warp leaving charred remains...*