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Originally Posted by carasucia83 View Post

"1st they shoot you"

Yes. For this reason we call them 'enemies' and is a common mechanic used in many games.

"2nd they starting to remove your weapons"

Yes. This is usually the result of one of two things: One is called 'Science', the other is a 'Special Weapon Bonus Effect'. None of the NPCs have posted on the forums yet about how our abilities and weapon procs affect them, but when that day comes, I fully expect you to be first in line to defend their position.

"3rd depend on the level group is there they shoot there electrical charges and is so not effective against me but I think cryptic made does just to mess with your computer and mix you up so your screen gets full of electric for nothing"

Yes. It needs buffing so that it can actually hurt you. So I guess I agree with you there.

"4rth now they start putting these caging spam"

Yes. This is very easy to nullify using a variety of means available to all captain types in all types of ship. It is also part of what differentiates them from other enemies you may encounter. Every race you encounter in the game has a different one. Borg have one. Klingons have one. Mirror Universe have one. Romulans Have one. Elachi have one. Gorn have one. Nausicaans have one. Breen have one. Hirogen have one. In fact, most Enemy NPCs in most games have one.

"And they restart the same cycle over and over."

Yes, yes they do. Just like you do too, when you kill things.
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