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07-20-2013, 01:48 PM
I would suggest to have "Play From The Bridge" taking place while traveling through sector space.

Here is my vision:

After a mission, I beam back to my ship's bridge. Now I'm telling my Boffs to set course to my next destination (ENGAGE!). Based on my ships speed and the distance to my next target I've got some time to spend on my bridge now. Visiting engineering to check for new prototypes, assinging doffs to new missions or whatever.

Just in case I come along a threat (e.g. red alert), my tactical Boff will let me know, that assistance is needed. I could imagine other interesting events as well (including trading oportunities, distress calls,...) appearing at random. Some of those as "real" missions, others as Doff assingments.

Space fighting, or space mission in general would still take place in the common way.
This would be quite like in most episodes: You mostly experience the ships interior, except in times of space hostilities or away team missions.

This kind of sector traveling would not only provide more of a Trek-feeling, but could possibly even offer the oportunity for one giant sector map - by eleminating sector space as it currently exists.
Instead you would have one big map, showing your current position and the position of interesting places/people/... nearby.

Currently: "when reaching borders of a sector, offer ability to switch maps" [Mission/Station/Area A -> Sector Space X -> Sector Space Y -> ... -> Mission/Station/Area B]

New travel: "when timer reaches 0 -> offer oportunity to beam to targeted map"
[A -> Bridge -> B]

Maybe we could also get rid of some of the autopiloting problems.
("NO - I DON'T want to go to Delta Volanis! I just told you to set course to Beta Ursae!")