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07-20-2013, 11:51 PM
So based on conversations on the forums and in chat...

The Risian Trollvette w/ Alien Sci

Traits - Accurate, Astrophysicist, Conservation of Energy, Efficient, Elusive, Helmsman, Photonic Capacitor, Techie, Warp Theorist

New Rom - Precision, Sensor Targeting Assault, Quantum Singularity Manipulation
Nukara - Fortified Hull, Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense, Refracting Tetryon Cascade
Omega - Omega Weapon Training, Omega Graviton Amplifier

TT1, TS2, APO1, APO3

EPtE1, EPtS2, EWP1

DOFFs - 3x DCE (EPtX), WCE(Cleanse), MAS(EWP)

Deflector - Borg Mk XII
Impulse - Borg Mk XII
Warp - Elite Fleet Reinforced Warp Core Mk XII [EPS][E->S][SCap][AMP][SSS]
Shields - Omega Mk XII

Fore - Chron DBA, 3x Chroniton Torpedo Mk XII [Acc]x3
Aft - Temporal Device, Chroniton Mine Mk XII [CrtH]x3, Nukara Web Mine

Tac - Wake, GPG, Jumper, Imp Cap Cell
Eng - Tachyo, E-RCS Mk XII [+AllRes], E-Neut Mk XII [+Turn]
Sci - 2x Romulan Grav Gen Mk XII [-Th][HuH], Romulan Grav Gen Mk XII [-Th][ShH]

Devices - SFM, RMC

edit: Was half asleep when posting this joke build...meh, thanks to illcadia for pointing out the glaring issue of the LCmdr Tac that doesn't exist.
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