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It doesn't matter how they do it a bunch of my fleet mates and I were just discussing this very topic tonight.
regardless of how its done or where its applied in game there is nothing quite as distinct in star trek as the captain standing on his bridge commanding his bridge officers. Its one of the central recurring themes of star trek and I think needs some time and effort put into it far more then a new enemy from the voyager series. We have lots of Killing to choose from. In fact I think in some cases we have to many instances which we can queue into from anywhere in the galaxy. Id like to see a large push to code into the game some of the more iconic things about star trek such as Command from your bridge.

Ah man that just made me brainstorm.

How about if you could build 3 different fleet ships (Cruiser/Science vessel/Escort) and have proper war with them against an enemy faction or a fleet specific raid, while the fleet leader assigns one captain for each ship and then other fleet members as duty officers, to fill the tactical/science/engineering consoles on each ship?

I'd love to play the game like that, and have my captain on voice com telling me or anyone with the right rank to engage thrusters, re-route power to shields etc.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the immersion we'd get from something like that!
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