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07-22-2013, 03:29 AM
I'll have my Risian some time today.

This last week I went through all the possible type of ships in order to figure out as to why there are so many mediocre players....and yes, you guessed - the problem is not the ships, it's in the device behind the keyboard.
The conditions are as follows:

Science captain

Reputation: Rommy@T5, Nukara@T4, Omega@T5

Beam arrays: 4 Romulan Mk XII [Acc]x2, one KCB and one experimental beam array
Warp core: Overcharged Mk XI purple with W->A
Space set: Adapted MACO
Tac: Plasma Infusers Mk XI purple
Sci: Fleet Graviton Gens Mk XII +Pla -Th
Eng: Plasmonic leech, Assimilated Module, Zero-Point Energy Conduit, RSC Mk XI blue (last two are on if there are more than 2 eng console slots)

(DPS = All damage / time in seconds)

Atrox Carrier: c.a. 9k DPS, no FAW spam
Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel: With FAW spam - c.a. 6700, without: 5800
Assault Cruiser: haven't clocked this one, but it was performing noticeably better than the sci vessel. 2xAux2Bat+EPtW3 - it was really interesting to shoot with 8 weapons (the additional 2 were Mk XI green plasma) and see weapons power drop to 123

Sooo....I really need an answer to one question - HOW for the love of God can you NOT achieve 4k DPS ON ANY ship?

P.S> I don't think that Sensor Analysis works properly because it does not show it stack! (and it did before LOR)

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