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# 830 sci disable fleet Norgh
07-22-2013, 06:53 AM
This is a nice build for a fleet Norgh piloted by a sci captain. It maxes out disables and therefore setting up a kill. It does also reasonable DPS, this without any tac buffs.

Ship: Fleet Norgh

front: 4x phased polaron DHC
Back: Chroniton mine, chroniton torp (or mix it with temporal disruption device or nukara / concentrated tachyon mines if you have it)

Deflector: KHG or graviton or other deflector with SubD (romulan/reman)
Engine: KHG
Shield: KHG
Warpcore: Hyper injection with W-> choice you wanna boost more

Cmdr: EptE1, ExtS1, EptS3, AtoS3
LTC: ST1, ES1, VM1
LTC: ST1, ES1, VM1
LT: PH1, SS1

Eng consoles: 2x neutronium, Borg
Sci consoles: 2x or 3x embassy flow cap
Tac consoles: Leach, aceton assimilator, polaron (leach/aceton can also be equiped on sci)

Purple doffs: 2x damage controll engineers, 3x warp theorists, energy syphon disable version

power settings: 100/20/15/65

This build chains nicely the disables from 2x viral matrix, 2x doffed energy syphon, and the phaser proc. The semi-high aux power ensures a power drain of almost 20 sec. The 3 warp theorists give 3 x 25% chance on a fixed 5 sec disable time when activating energy syphon. The deflectors with subspace decompiler boosts disable time of viral matrix and phaser proc. Also a scramble of 9 a 10 sec is very nice. Imagine all this with a subnuc, and your opponent is ready use the escape pods. Because you have energy syphon, you have a lot of power. Therefore you can run 4 DHC's instead of a full torp build, and be way more effective with better dps. The chroniton stuff equiped on the back is to have some slows. Regarding to heals and resists, the Bop really needs EptS3. The AtoS3 gives a great hull heal which can be used on yourself or be donated to team mates every 15 seconds. And not to forget extend shields. The 2 or 3 part KHG is there fore more aux power and more crew resist.

It's not a cheap build because of the phased polarons and the expensive warp core doffs. But still a very nice build for a sci, and therefore something different in tac-bop land.

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