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07-22-2013, 03:44 PM
Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel: With FAW spam - c.a. 6700, without: 5800

Sooo....I really need an answer to one question - HOW for the love of God can you NOT achieve 4k DPS ON ANY ship?
Well, you pretty much gave the answer yourself.

Exchange your Fleet Recon Sci for it's RA variant, replace your VR Mk.XII gear, every reputation item and your best in slot consoles with normal, rare/uncommon mk X ones , subtract a bit of dps for those reputation traits and try it with a build that doesn't require rather expensive doff and in-depth knowledge of game mechanics (which are crappily documented, in addition to a lot of people giving horrible advice to new guys both ingame and in the forums) to work and you'll get those results.