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make pets immune to warp core breaches. which even doesn't sound unrealistic in real world since small and lightweight object will be simple pushed away by explosion waves instead of bigger objects, which will be thorn apart because of their mass and inertia.
In the real world, there are no explosions in space. High-energy releases like nuclear explosions emit only hard radiation when detonated in space, which means that smaller objects will end up being just as much proportionally irradiated per surface area as bigger ones.

I'm curious: What courses of action are even available to pets, and what governs their turning behavior? How exactly would a pet behave if it possessed ONLY forward-arc weaponry and thus had all of its weight upon such weapons? Could these various action-weights be made player-adjustable via an interface similar to the power presets, thus allowing players to determine what and how much they wish a pet to do a given course of action?