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Originally Posted by snipe048 View Post
I agree with this

But when the Federation get's it's dreadnought pack, hopefully it'll be a ship similar in Tactical capabilities to the Romulan Scimitar, Meaning 4/4 weapon slots and A Single hangar capable of launching frigates.
I don't think there will be a Dreadnought pack, or at least not in the sense as the 5k zen 3 variant type pack. The kind of pack that was originally being planned with a pack that included the Exploration Cruiser Refit/Retrofit/Dreadnought.

As much as I like the DN and I would be happy with a group of Peregrines to go along with it I don't think it would happen, especially considering how much the Retrofit could use a hanger or any buff more than the Dread.

Why must the Feds have everything everyone else has? Is there really any other answer besides pure unadulterated greed?