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07-23-2013, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
That's not really the whole issue.

Is it hard to program AI to do this? You betcha. Possibly difficult enough that the time that'd be required just simply isn't available.

But there's also the rabbit hole... The can of worms... the setting of unreasonable expectations, and the question of whether to fulfill them.

And by that I mean this: Say we were to take the time to improve the behavior of a specific pet, like BOP Raiders. What's to say that players will be happy if we stop there?

What about Jem'hadar Attack Ship Pets? Maybe they want better control over their Ramming Speed?
What about Runabouts? Maybe they should use their Tractor Beam more aggressively on faster targets?
What about Ferjai Frigates? Maybe they should only lay mines when their target is very nearby, and has high health (to ensure that the mines will actually hit the intended target)?
Maybe all those things. But those are really bit parts- the strafing issue is something the community gives more weight because a fix for it would affect the maximum number of hangar bets over any of your other listed fixes, which are unique to specific fighters.

Yes, for sure, everyone would like a little better control over some aspects of their ships, but I think that fixing something that affects a lot of hangar pets, versus not fixing it for.... I can only really say fear of inciting a riot about your decision to do that 'rather than' fixing a specific edge case with a specific single hangar pet.

There's going to be complaints either way, but saying "We could dedicate time to fix this widespread issue, but are choosing not to because then we'd have to fix all the itty bitty edge case issues." is really... kind of bad. It's a slippery slope fallacy- if we fix this widespread issue, then we'd have to fix ALL THE THINGS, but I really don't believe that's the case, and I'm pretty sure the community would agree.

Would it be nice to try and fix ALL THE THINGS? Sure. Your other points are valid- you don't have time to do that.

But I think if you can spare it, investing time to fix this widespread issue would be pretty nifty.