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07-23-2013, 11:42 PM
Some people been asking bout keybinds and A2B. Some people are right to ask, and their teeth must be itchin.

I'm going to assume you know how to bind, and get right down to the magic. Some people will say you don't need keybinds for an A2B build. Do you know what bind stands for? Busey's Itch Nailed Down.

2 binds, Maintenance and Alpha.

Pick a key you like. Go on, I'll wait. Get a nice one. Can't decide? Got a mouse wheel? Take your throttle off of q and e and put it on there. Nice little e. Can't even say it without showing your teeth.

So your Maintenance key, not spacebar or whatever you've got distribute shields and maybe fire energy weapons bound to, it's gonna get a row from your ui tray with a high number, one you can't see. You're going to bind at least the first four slots of your chosen tray to that key. Let's say I picked e and row 6. Every time I press e it activates the first available thing in row 6 and if I keep spamming it I'll eventually activate everything in the row. Into that row goes A2B, A2B, EPTx, EPTx. This key will now be your new best friend (so pick a nice one you can reach while steering). You'll actually hit this more often than your spacebar in order to maintain constant uptime on the EPTx's. So in CnH while you're capping a point you will still be spamming because even though you don't see them thar be Lymuv's. Even in STFs while traveling between HP bags you will still be cycling.

But why? Well let's say you line them up with EPTS first thinking that you can just hit it when the time comes. But let's say you just hit spacebar, or another ability, or you hit your Maintenance key twice instead of once. Chances of getting EPTS are 50/50. Also, do you want to activate EPTW and wait 15 seconds before hardening your shields? You know who does want you to do that? Lymuv. Cycle them. Still not enough? APO. DEM. Keep cycling if only to cool these down.

Pick another key you like, try to act casual and gloss over the fact that it wasn't your first choice. It's still going to get a lot of action. Same bind, different row, 4 or maybe 6 slots. Here goes your Alpha buffs.

Tac Team is not an Alpha buff. Do not put TT on a bind. You will get timed.

EPTW is not an Alpha buff because the bonus is for the duration so it should be maintained as mentioned above to avoid a hole in EPTS.

FOMM is not an Alpha buff because it must be inserted selectively between TT's, so do be a gentleman when inserting and don't mash your FOMM like a mouthbreather.

NI is an Alpha buff.

DEM is an Alpha buff, but Marion DEM doesn't go on my bar because I want to make sure it goes absolutely last.

Sensor Scan might be an Alpha buff if you're dedicating an Aux Battery use to it. 18+ seconds on the battery will last long enough that you can trigger it then start spamming the Alpha key. YMMV greatly on this one.

Aux Batteries might go in the Alpha row if you took the Nukara rep. I wouldn't though.

BO and HYT are not Alpha buffs. If you're this far into your tech doff addiction you know exactly how much time the A2B activation takes off of these two. In a perfect situation you will trigger BO or HYT ahead of time so that the first A2B activation after your Alpha strike will bring them back up. Stop. Reread that last sentence. Now add, preferably as you're picking a new target and avoiding a warp core explosion.

If you're stacking BO2/BO3 they go in your Maintenance row.

Fleet Support can go in Maintenance.

GDF is your call.

One more thing. Go to that rearrange HUD option and grab yourself another row, I like a vertical row to the far right, away from everything. Set this to your Alpha row, just so you can see what's available.

I don't put heals on a spam keybind on any build, but especially not on A2B builds which cycle Aux.

Your Maintenance cycle never stops. It's the entire point of the build. It is constantly working on things like APO. You should know without looking whether you have Aux available or not. If you don't know what I mean by that, you're not cycling like Busey wants you to.