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07-24-2013, 01:24 AM
@ salamiinferno

I love you! These News are great news regarding the CD reduction for the Carrier Community!*
So no respawn wishes more to get shorter CDs!
And the carrier UI updated is a really great enhancement now!

Honestly I hoped for these news, but I was not really expecting that they are coming.

I really appreciate that, in the past sometimes it looked like that even serious player feedback and concerns was often ignored.
But in the last weeks, it looks to me that this changes.
I know not every concern will be addressed, and many are only "buff my ship" or "don`t nerf it because I am playing this OP ship" => (like Risian ship discussion about speed and defense)

* In my Fleet we already have a Carrier ONLY event (2 Hangar carriers and Dreads) and these are fun like hell for everyone.

However i am wondering how a Risian frigate can outrun especially Fighters!