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I have been testing the Fer'Jai frigates on tribble with this latest build. While the Carrier Command: Recall mode is now functioning properly, I do not see any change in behavior of the pets.

When I recall them, not only do they NOT avoid warp core breaches, they are not even increasing speed to get out of there and they are not using their front dual cannons. They seem to fly way away from their targets, and then begin circling the target while wasting its Rapid Fire ability with a turret instead of dual cannons.

At one point, I noticed from the time I launched the pet to the time it was destroyed it never once used its dual cannon or high yield torpedo lol.

And lastly, I have noticed that after sending them in to attack, most of the time they will not engage the target, they will just cast their rapid fire and high yield ability , but will not begin shooting for about 20-30 seconds. On top of that, and with most pets I have tested in elite STF's, when i target something like a cube in the cure elite, the pets take off and goto the other side of the map and begin attacking some random raptor or another cube that I do not have targeted, even though my target is 9km away from me, they decide its better to go attack another cube 45km away. Why?

I was really looking forward to running my carrier's after this , but now im not so sure