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2) Hairstyles and bodyparts:
- Feline Long hairstyles for caitians and ferasans. Please. We'd love to see that!
- Tails with armored textures - as if clad in a protective wrap of any of presented in game armors like MACO, OMEGA and others. Tail can be used as a surprising weapon in close combat and to leave it exposed on a totally hermetical suit....
Honestly, the only thing I'd like to see are all hairstyles available to both sexes and all species(that HAVE hair), plus long hairstyles, at least for the races who are able to grow long hair.

It's just... well I'd think that people from other planets might not have the same cultural gender classifications that we terrans do. They might not even attribute gender roles with sexes. Not to mention our own culture has a very good chance of changing so that any hairstyle is acceptable, as long as it's within Starfleet regulation.

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