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Originally Posted by retrosrages View Post
and don't give me this we have less power crap because with the leech console open to the rommys and the new warp cores power levels are a joke its easy to get well over 100 in each sub system now and some of the unique rommy boff skills are stupidly op.
the Leech console is only easily available to a FEDERATION Player or a Fed aligned Romulan.... the KDF has to pay for the console with Zen/real money

I fly Romulan on the KDF side... have no Leech Console my power levels are pretty good UNLESS I use my singularity charge for a Jump, warp shadow or whatever... get over yourself OP its not the KDF Romulans you have a problem with its the fed romulans which by dint of being federation aligned now bring battlecloak to the federation oh woe is me the feds have battlecloak whatever will I do

strategy... learn how to defeat them (plenty of skills out there negate the cloak) ability... learn to defeat the cloakers with what you have on hand (instead of lamenting that they are OP)

and for the love of all things sacred quit complaining either learn how to fight them or just stop playing in PVP

I for the most part am not allowed to play in PVP tournaments because the second or third rule in the tournaments is usually no cloaking device.... but do I complain publicly on the forums (I have now for the first time) no... so kindly do us the favor of getting over it and figure out how to defeat these evil little romulans OR welcome us as your new overlords
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