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07-24-2013, 08:08 AM
Ok the patch for the pet power cool down is very nice. Now we need to get the Dual Cannon issue fixed.

Fixed: and thank you for addressing these items
-Pet's commands
-Pet's powers cool down timer has been reduced

Current issues:
-Dual Cannon focused pets can?t use cannons because of AI.

Items of an unknown state:
-Torpedo RoF - It seems like it has been increased but I did not see it in patch notes. (Some more testing is required.)

BoP Qaw'Dun hanger pet AI action from what I have observed:
1. Enters red alert and has a short pause to activate powers.
2. Starts attack run towards target up to 6.5km to 7km range.
3. At 6.5km to 7km range BoP turns far enough away from the target so that it cannot use the dual cannons. This action has the BoP circling around the target similarly to the Kar?fi frigate.
4. This AI pattern continues until target is killed, pet is killed or player is killed.
5. BoP from time to time will use the cloaking device but that seems random at best. (This is only an issue when they cloak on the attack run and then I face palm for the silly AI.)

Well that is my 2cent and let me know what you have seen and the issues you have run into so the Dev team can try and address them.

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