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07-24-2013, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by masterkeychnk5 View Post
Simply put, just like Rotating EptXs, put em under WASD Q/E Spacebar and all your other keys to keep aux2bat rolling.
Yeah, but, sometimes you do want to delay the A2B activation for a second.
Originally Posted by chlamidiot View Post
Your Maintenance cycle never stops. It's the entire point of the build. It is constantly working on things like APO. You should know without looking whether you have Aux available or not. If you don't know what I mean by that, you're not cycling like Busey wants you to.
Far be it from me to argue with someone so experienced, not to mention handsome, but I don't think you've completely thought through how you actually operate. I'm pretty sure you do take your spammer off the Maintenance keys at times, and not just to dig in in your nose.

Sometimes it's a choice between maybe creating a few seconds of downtime in the Maintenance cycle in order to get an A2B activation immediately after, say, a DEM activation for cd or a BO for power levels. Or, something is at horizontal with 2 seconds left. A2B can't help it until it finishes and you activate it again. So maybe that 3 seconds is something to wait for.

Also, and this may be my imagination or my connection speed, but I feel like activations can step on each others' toes. I want to be able to activate my Alpha buffs while making a left turn to follow a target without worrying that one buff is going to get dropped because A2B was bound to my WASD.

Also also, sometimes you are going to lay off the Maintenance cycle to let Aux recover for healing or cloaking or tractor beam, or even let Aux recover just so you can kill it completely right before a TBR.

I guess I've got to give this all a great big YMMV since clearly mine did after taking a second to really think about it.