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07-24-2013, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Hangar Pets with multiple cooldown abilities would be subject to an enormous swing in overall effectiveness, if all of their cooldowns were modified this drastically in a single patch. We're taking it one ability at a time, and examining the feedback from both internal testing and players, as well as performing some of our own parsing, before considering the alteration of additional cooldowns.

In other words - baby steps. If these pets end up needing additional tuning, after this round of cooldown reductions, then we'll look into it.

As for specific questions of "why X cooldown instead of Y cooldown?" - the ones that were chosen to be reduced in this patch are the ones we feel these pets can benefit the most greatly from, given their current AI configurations, equipment and survivability.
While I can't speak for everyone, I do appreciate you guys taking baby steps with this due to all of the problems that pets cause in PvP (especially pets with sci abilities).

Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Why remove Terradome? It is a popular mission within our fleet and always offers a challenge.

Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
Buy why take it out?

My guess is that it's the kind of mission that they are not happy about, it is not connected to anything specifically (like level up progression or level up story arcs) and it's probably a frustrating event for new/inexperienced players.

I expect it will be revamped and back on the menu the same way the CE/CEE was.