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07-24-2013, 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by corvalle View Post
I dont think you understand what that change is not a nerf, its buffing the scorpions...70 seconds was the cooldown on high yield ability for that fighter, now its 30 seconds.

Sounds a whole let better to me
That quote right there tells me you never piloted a carrier. Oh yeah you equipped one and you sat in it but you didn't pilot it.

Even after I explained it to you, you still don't get it.

So that's for you, maybe a picture will help you warp your head around it. In this here case we talking 2 bays of scorpions.

Everytime you reload or respawn a wing they will fire HY again - you of course don't wait for the cooldown which they posted was 70 seconds. (which I disagree with from what I tested albeit granted it's rare you keep them alive for that long)

That aside, you are still looking at the shield facing problem and unresponsive pets.

You just lost the entirety of your dps and control over your pets - this is exclusively about people complaining about "pet spam", nothing more

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