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Originally Posted by uss917019 View Post
OK guys the title of this is just an expression saying that the Tholians are the most annoying enemies look all they do is the same god damn thing again and again heres an example:

1st they shoot you
2nd they starting to remove your weapons
3rd depend on the level group is there they shoot there electrical charges and is so not effective against me but I think cryptic made does just to mess with your computer and mix you up so your screen gets full of electric for nothing
4rth now they start putting these caging spam

And they restart the same cycle over and over.

Now I am trying to target the little nodes on the side to get out but you know what I am clicking a lot and it does nothing on them, I look at my weapon power fully charged but still my weapons wont work this issue needs to be fixed.
1. everyone shoots at you, so does this mean you also hate:
klingons, romulans, cardassians, the true way, the dominion, the breen, the undine, the mirror forces, the borg, the iconians, the elachi, and every random unexplored sector species that cryptic throws at you

2. never encountered this glitch, so....full of it

3. what electric charges? unless you have the original crystalline nanofiber set....full of it

4. the tholian webs only come from orb weavers and stasis of it

as for your first statement of "most annoying enemies" have you even gone up against the latest AI for the borg spheres; those things run run run the flake away from you if you shoot them, and outrun your targetable torpedoes like dudes are annoying

the Elachi have this thing where they subspace jump behind you all the time, THAT is annoying; the Tholians....are manageable like EVERY other enemy in the game trolling on the forum