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07-24-2013, 04:52 PM
Dhelan and Tvaro seem to be the most popular Rom retro ships (excluding the tier 4 guardian lineup and the scimitars) in PvP.

I definetly prefer the Dhelan over the tvaro as it hits harder and is a little bit sturdier. It struggles to turn with the more nimble fed escorts and only has room for 2 rcs/armor consoles. However, it out turns everything else and hits as hard as a bug. Not much room to complain. If you find it fragile then you just need to retool a little. I find it very, very survivable. The two piece set adds +5 to shields and 10% to defense at full speed. By itself that is nice but not overwhelming. However stack 5 boffs with subterfuge (each one has 2.5% defense) and there is another 10%. If one of your boffs is a reman with sup infil tack on another 3.6% (er 3.1% I can't remember exactly). Thats more than 23% defense better than the base warbird and more than 13% better than Fed/KDF escorts.

The next thing is the engineer consoles. If you plan to cloak alot then you should think about at least one monotanium or neutronium. Often times you will be running out of a fight and cloak only to have the last torpedo following you land right after you drop shields and kill you. A little armor can go along way to helping Romulan ships IMO. However, most players forego the armor for the Romulan universal consoles. Scimitar players might be the biggest culprits of this. Alternately, use erratic manuvers right before you cloak and/or use the singularity inverter to absorb the incoming damage. Since I use the valdore consoles I opt to shield tank with borg shields of all things.

Anyways, if you have a bug on another toon then you should know most of this by now. Are you using the valdore console? No Romulan ship should leave drydock without it and plasmonic leach.