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07-24-2013, 06:49 PM
Romulan Veteran Uniform feedback:
On a Romulan female character, using the Seductive stance
  • Clipping occurs on the collar on the Upper Veteran Admiral costume piece. Verices would need to be moved not to have the undershirt show through.
  • Clipping often occurs regarding the triangular buckle that's in the lower back. It would need to be pushed back a bit more to not suffer that animation clipping. Furthermore, it already has a rather unappealing floaty quality to it to which I'd suggest to just remove it - it doesn't look good.
  • The Republic Formal Skirt will clip through the upper Veteran Admiral jacket costume piece. Bits of the skirt peek out, and the jacket likely needs vertices moved to 'englobe' those regions.
  • The Republic Formal Pants have some major clipping going on with the Romulan Veteran boots.

Daeinos Transformation Feedback:
Regenerative Mode
  • Since the tail fin isn't deployed, you probably don't want a green tail to come from it.

Tactical Mode
  • The tail fin is not deployed here either, but we still see a green warp trail come from it. Probably shouldn't be there.

Warp Mode
  • The warp trail emerges from the top-aft corner of the fin, rather than where the warp field grid is. You probably need to have the warp trail appear only when in warp stance/sector space, and have it trail out from the glowy green part of the tail fin.

General: Warp Out animation critique
This has been a problem for some time: we have two warp out animation. One gives a view of the ship from its right flank, and is generally okay.

The second, though, drops down under the belly of the ship and generally just gives us a very restrained view of its ventral underside before it darts away.
This second warp animation is one I really don't like, because it shows much less of the ship - even big ones like the Odyssey - and doesn't let us look at cool things like transformations before warping out from, say, Veteran ships like the Daeinos?
For Romulan female characters, since Romulan men look fine...
  • Please do something those Dual Pauldron Pads so that the cloth parts don't look so damned wide. Those have been looking wrong ever since you changed the scale of the 'cloth loops' since the Romulan TNG costume went on live. It was fine before you changed it, and now it looks silly. Please fix them by putting them back to the way they were.
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