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Probably the most common misconception about the use of multiple versions/copies of the EPtX powers is that trying to cycle more than two of them is of limited/no use; however, this is an incorrect assumption, as up to 4 copies (2 pairs, to be precise) can be effectively cycled (again, especially useful for Cruisers).

How to effectively cycle multiple copies of EPtX powers:

EPtX powers have a 30-second global cooldown, which means, you can cycle 2 copies of the same subsystem, every 30 seconds. Thus, if I have 2 copies of Emergency Power to Shields (whether 1, 2, 3, or any combination of those levels), I can activate 1 copy, then activate the 2nd copy 30 seconds later. This is useful because all four types of EPtX powers grant a power bonus to their respective subsystem for 30 seconds (the full duration of the global cooldown), thus, if I have 2 copies, I get the full bonus power at all times, as long as I remember to activate the powers, each time the global cooldown expires.

EPtX powers from different subsystems, however, only share a 15-second system cooldown, which means that I only have to wait 15 seconds before I activate an EPtX power from a separate subsystem. Thus, if I have a copy of Emergency Power to Shields and a copy of Emergency Power to Weapons, I can activate EPtS, wait 15 seconds, then activate EPtW. Once I activate EPtW, I still will get the bonus from EPtS (for the remaining 15 seconds of its 30-second duration).

Extrapolating further, if I am carrying two copies of both EPtS and EPtW (again, it doesn't matter if it is 1, 2, 3, or any combination of those levels), I can take advantage of the system and global cooldowns to maximize my benefit from all those copies of EPtX powers:
Now, for the real question, LOL, with 4 copies cycling the way you described, is it still useful to have a Damage Control Engineer (or more than 1) that has a chance to reduce recharge time on EPtX powers?! Such an engineer doesn't shorten the time on all EPtX powers at the same time, of course, leaving it open to 1 EPtX power getting triggered prematurely, as it were (ahead of its cycle) when you have more than 1 of those doffs slotted. I wonder if that will aversely affect the chaining.