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# 1082 Costume ideas
07-25-2013, 04:10 AM
Hey there - fantastic ideas all around, without question! For my part, I'd like:

More heels for women - basically shoes with the 7 of 9 heels.
More hairstyles, especially long or with hair-sticks
More makeup options
Film Noir outfits for Holodeck or other RP (i.e. Actual stockings - not pantyhose, Fedoras, coats, etc.)
Trenchcoats (Cliche I realize, but fun for those of us who play Independent types)
More Off-Duty outfits!
Cheong-sam / Qi-Pao type dresses
Gloves for women
More 'Android' looking options
Cloaks / Capes as a neck piece, especially for Romulans and Klingons

Again, just a few ideas that Ive had - I'm a lifer here since beta (though took a break) and this is stuff I've been wanting to see for ages, so I figured I'd put my two credits in.