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07-25-2013, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Using Aux2Batt anything that adds power to aux is a waste, the only way I have found to maintain 5 aux power using aux2batt is using the engineer EPS trait though I'm not sure if that is WAI, I would suggest W->E personally.

Getting back to the opening subject of the thread though, my sci ship uses an overcharged core which is not available in elite fleet edition and my cruiser uses "[EPS] [W->E]" which also doesn't exist in elite fleet reinforced so thusfar only my escort has an elite fleet core option.
In the end I decided to just grab a Rare Mark 11 Overcharged [Eff] [A->W] [Trans] off of the Exchange for 500K EC. It basically replaced my identical Hyper core, but instead of a passive boost to Engines I'm getting one to Aux, especially at low power situations. So far, it's helping - I'm seeing less of the "aux tank empty you're screwed" situations, and I used the Dil and Fleet credit I saved to buy a nice Embassy Mark 11 Flow Cap console with hull repair as well as another Fleet Mark 10 Neutronium with the [HP] mod (I already had one with the [HullRep] mod).

And I still have a bunch of Dil and Credit left - money much more intelligently spent, I believe, especially in the "improved tankability" department. I can now average 11-12K DPS while smiling at the ESTF NPCs with that "you can't touch me" grin.