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07-25-2013, 07:53 AM
I was frankly very disappointed with the Risian costume options to the point I had to take steps to hide them. I had to use the flower bands on the ankles to cover up a glaring texture bug and the mercenary belt to cover a severe clipping bug with robes.

I don't think is acceptable that:

1) A costume piece was released that clips with everything and I mean EVERYTHING! This goes for the Explorer Jacket and Risian Beachcomber Shorts. It is like the devs didn't think that the players would want to mix and match stuff. <NOTE: THIS HAS NOW BEEN RESOLVED>

2) That two textures that are designed to go together and only go together don't even match up. You cannot get Caitian Feet without wearing Beachcomber Shorts and these shorts need the Caitian Fur option on the legs. It is staggering that not only do the textures not match, but they aren't even the same colour and look different in low light.

3) How they allow Beachcomber gear to affect EVA suits is mind-blowingly bad. An EVA suit is a full body costume that covers all gear, so why is a shirt or a pair of shorts causing my head to disappear and most of the EVA Suit to not show? <NOTE: THIS ISSUE HAS ALSO BEEN RESOLVED>

4) The aliens are touted as a big feature in STO. The Caitian and Ferasan races are also considered to be rather popular. Why are these races forbidden from wearing the sunglasses since they are just a prop item that sits over the nose? Was it due to the risk of clipping? That would be an irony!

The Risian costume options raise questions about the QA process in Cryptic's art department and it isn't like they can blame inexperience or engine trouble. This is the company responsible for City of Heroes, a game that had the biggest and most customisable costume editor in any game for it's time. They have had years of experience in costume editors, but these gaffes leave me wondering if they learned anything from the clipping and animation errors in COH.

We are left with a bugged and restrictive cash-grab of a costume editor instead, where spending currency on an item raises questions about buying it since the Risian costumes prove what you get may not even work with other items. I was pondering getting some Lobi for some lockbox costume pieces, I may not after experiencing the low quality Risian Rush Jobs.
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