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07-25-2013, 09:27 AM
Don't know about the whole "mixing things up" hotbar issue, that's a new one to me. But the missing boffs/boff powers, powers resetting, and department heads disappearing, can be reset, and stay fixed if you do this:
1: Go to your ship's <STATIONS> tab
2:Set ALL position on your ship to NONE
3: After all are NONE, then go ahead and put your chosen officers into the positions you want.
4: If you've had the disappearing dept head issue, then go to your BOFF assignment window, switch to the dept head tab, and set up your dept heads again, to how you want it.

I got this info from another thread (can't remember which), fixed multiple issues on my Fed Tac, Klin Sci, and Fed, Sci. (Weirdly, never experienced it on my Rom/Fed). Also, told someone in chat (And two others were lsitening, and reported back to me), this procedure. All 3 people told me it fixed their problems.
And from what I also read, if you decide to CHANGE your boff assings in the future, redo this process, before setting the changed line-up, empty out the boff stations. That should prevent the issue from cropping back up. (Damn boffs getting too attached to their old assignments, or just not wanting to do them, lol)
Good luck to ye, let me know if this worked for you as well.

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