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07-25-2013, 08:43 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
We have a winner! Check out this post for details:

Congratulations to all! Everyone did a FANTASTIC job! You're all winners in my book.

I am going to unstick this, but feel fee to keep discussing this challenge in this thread! Challenge #8 will be posted next week.


Brandon =/\=

No man, the happiness you have to give us, for not seeing what you going to fix in the next patch is not working foundry and casting have ANYTHING you have to come here to PUT THE ONLY MESSAGE in months knowing that we pissed because you let CASTING IS BROKEN BY MONTHS.

Your salary you earn each month, congratulations to you.

Congratulations to the author and the rest that were presented, which are not to blame, I hope that when you have another contest not this one, is mainly to stop deceiving players viewing posts must believe that the foundry works perfectly.